Pre-Conference Workshops



1:30PM – 3:00PM

1. Leading the Way Pitfalls and Possibilities- What it Meant to be a Vanguard

David Schuster, Kenneth Wierzbowski, Lauren Jackson-Beck, Jean Paul Orgeron, Richard Wisneski

During this pre-conference session, we will explore the focus points from the Vanguard Libraries and the impact on the Alma implementation looking at cleanup projects within our Aleph systems (what was important at the time or not), and provide a quick overview of functionality as we saw it. Are there misconceptions about the system and how we may need to adjust in a Network Zone environment.

2. The SUNYLA Instruction Test Kitchen: Open Access Edition

Brandon West, Logan Rath

It’s time to craft the best lesson plan! This workshop competition will showcase the talents of participants as they work together in small teams to design an exciting hands-on, information literacy lesson using open access resources as their inspiration. After the facilitators kick off the workshop with an exercise on interactive learning, participants will compete through two rounds of creative lesson planning. The top two teams will compete for an bragging rights and a delicious prize. The goal of this workshop is to inspire participants to take creative risks with their teaching and to have fun doing so.

3. Preparing for Transitions: Leadership and Change Management

Janetta Waterhouse

There has been much talk about change management and transformational change within libraries. Staff at any level can more effectively lead and manage change if they understand the various dimensions of change management and how the apply to leadership. This session will present the schools of leadership as a foundation to the context of leading change, as well as dimensions of change management, including drivers for change, levels and types of change, methods of communicating change, and models of change leadership. Participants will be engaged to provide examples from their institutions, reflect on their leadership style, and identify their role.