Friend of SUNYLA Award

 The Professional Development Committee of the State University of New York Librarian’s Association seeks nominations for the 2018 Friend of SUNYLA award. The award is given to individuals or organizations that actively contribute to furthering the goals of SUNYLA and of SUNY libraries.
The criteria for the award are as follows:

  • Exceptional leadership in projects and initiatives that further the goals of SUNYLA and of SUNY libraries.
  • Members of SUNYLA will be considered based on their involvement in the organization in areas such as holding an office or providing exceptional leadership as committee chairs.
  • Library administrators will be considered based on their collaboration with librarians, their creativity, and their openness to new initiatives that further the goals of SUNYLA and of SUNY libraries.
  • Candidates from the public-at-large will be considered based on their collaboration with SUNYLA, their understanding of the mission of SUNY libraries, and their efforts to improve the quality of library services across SUNY.
  • Professional organizations as well as publishers, vendors, and other library-related commercial organizations will be considered given their active support of and collaboration with SUNYLA and SUNY libraries.

The SUNYLA Executive Board will review nominations and will select the recipient at their annual spring meeting. The award will be given at the 49th Annual Conference at Stony Brook University.Past recipients include: Judith Adams-Volpe, Mary Beilby, Sandy Card, Eleanor Carter, Ginette Chambers, Anne Commerton, Raney Ellis, Faculty Access to Computing Technology (FACT), Christine Haile, David Kreh, the New York State Library Assistants Association (NYSLAA), Andrew Perry, John Philippo, Janet Potter, Natalie Sturr, Ed Sullivan, Maureen Zajkowski, Wilfred Drew, the Office of Library and Information Services (OLIS), Carol Anne Germain, the SUNYConnect Advisory Council, Ed Rivenburgh, Gerald Leibowitz, Kim Davies Hoffman, NJ Wolfe, Mark Smith, John Schumacher, Logan Rath, Dave Ritchie, Cerise Oberman, Rosanne Humes, EBSCO, April Davies and Rebecca Hyams.Please send a statement of your nominee’s achievements as they specifically address the above criteria no later than April 13, 2018 to:

Greg Bobish
University Libraries, LI 107B
University at Albany
Albany, NY 12222

Scholarships for New Members and Library Students to attend SUNYLA 2018

Sylvia Chu Memorial Scholarship

Financial assistance is available for new SUNYLA members to attend the annual conference. The Scholarship aims to encourage involvement with SUNYLA and to provide opportunities for professional growth for its members.

The Award is a voucher covering:

  • Registration fees
  • Conference meals
  • One pre-conference continuing education session

You qualify if:

  • You have not been a SUNYLA member for more than three consecutive years
  • You have paid current year’s dues
  • You have never received a Sylvia Chu Scholarship

To apply:

  • Please provide a letter (one to two pages) highlighting why attending a SUNYLA conference will benefit your professional development.
  • Email by Friday, April 20, 2018 to:
    Kim L. Myers
    SUNY Brockport

The Sylvia Chu Scholarship Committee will review the letters and present awards by May 11, 2018.


Daniel F. Kissane Memorial Scholarship

Financial assistance is available for a library school student to attend the annual SUNY Librarians Association (SUNYLA) conference. The purpose of the Scholarship is to offer an introduction to academic librarianship, provide professional growth opportunities and encourage involvement with SUNYLA.

The Scholarship is a voucher covering:

  • Travel (maximum $ 350) and lodging costs
  • Registration fees
  • Conference meals

You qualify if:

  • You are currently enrolled in a New York State ALA-accredited MLS program or its equivalent,  OR you are a NYS resident attending an ALA accredited library school online or in another state.
  • You have graduated from an MLS program within the last 12 months, but are not yet professionally employed in a library.

For 2018:

To apply: Please provide a letter (one to two pages) highlighting how attending a SUNYLA conference will increase your understanding of the profession. In your letter, include one paragraph that describes a challenge facing academic libraries that you are interested in learning about in more depth.

Suggested topics: Archives and Special Collections, Library Spaces and Services, Technology and Social Media, Collection Development, Open Educational Resources

The essay will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Originality and creativity, Uniqueness of perspective
  • Strength of support for the ideas presented
  • Overall letter quality, including appropriate business letter format

To apply: Please email your letter including short paragraph on your current work experience in libraries and contact information, by April 20, 2018.  Email your letter to:

Kim Myers
SUNY Brockport

The Daniel F. Kissane Scholarship Committee will review the letters and notify the recipient by May 11, 2018.